Editing and proofreading

Skip the slip-ups and add some shine to your copy

Get me on your team to bring a fresh set of eyes to your copy. 

Everyone makes errors, and this is where an experienced proofreader or editor can help you.

My job is to make sure your copy is clear, accurate and ready for publication.

Get in touch if your copy needs editing and proofreading.

A word nerd, at your service

Ok, so I need to confess… I have a collection of dictionaries and books about language and grammar.  Words fascinate me, and although I love a good grammar rule, I also know when rules can be broken.

My goal, when proofreading and editing, is to think about your audience.  Can they understand what you’re trying to say?  Clear language helps, and getting rid of distracting errors makes it easier for your audience.

Dictionary page

Experienced editor and proofreader

I am:

  1. accurate
  2. reliable
  3. efficient
  4. friendly!

Does your copy need editing and proofreading?

Avoid the embarrassing slip-up, and get me to review your copy before you publish. 

I have over 20 years of experience and I’ve edited and proofread books, reports, magazines, and websites.

Working with me

There are four simple steps to get your copy ready:

  1. Get in touch with me to discuss what you need and your timelines.
  2. Send me a sample of your copy, so I can assess what needs to be done.
  3. I’ll send you a quote, and refine our timeline based on what you need.
  4. Accept my quote, and I get started.

Get that editing and proofreading project off your list

“An excellent communicator and a skilled copywriter”

“We recently engaged Eleanor to write a series of stories for Ormond College. We found Eleanor to be an excellent communicator and a skilled copywriter and were very happy with the result.”

Dr. Anna Drummond

Curator of Archives & Art, Ormond College